About Us

Some reasons why you may appreciate our approach…

  • We enjoy doing a good job and while our casework is often demanding we value an open and relaxed approach where possible
  • We have a practical, problem-solving ethos
  • We will make sure your case is dealt with by someone who is qualified to do so
  • We do not employ unqualified “legal clerks” or “caseworkers”
  • We are good at listening without judging or jumping to conclusions
  • We will always try to communicate with clients in clear jargon-free language
  • We are tough negotiators although we also try to be realistic
  • We will not try to “sell you” services which are unnecessary and will always look for the most simple and cost-effective solution to each problem
  • Where clients are not eligible for public funding (legal aid) we offer a range of competitive hourly rates, fixed fees and conditional fee arrangements (see funding your case)
  • We work only in areas in which we have expertise
  • We seek to promote open, democratic and cooperative values
  • We encourage innovation and discourage a “template approach” to casework