Services we offer

Community care

Photo of GraffittiWe offer legal advice and assistance across the whole gamut of community care law (e.g. elderly, physical disability, learning disability, children, mental health and asylum).

We hold LSC contracts for the London Boroughs of Hackney and Kensington & Chelsea. We generally act for those who are seeking services for themselves or a family member although we also act for care organisations such as day centres and care homes.

We provide a regular advice session on Thursday afternoons at Canalside House for the Kensington & Chelsea Mental Health Carers Association (Tel: 020 8960 3873). See Community care law.

Elderly clients

Photo of GraffittiAlthough potentially misleading as a category of work – no areas of law are in any way age-exclusive – we hope to signal both that we understand the particular problems faced by those already in or approaching their later years including possible disputes concerning care funding, lasting powers of attorney and deputyship, wills and probate. Rod Campbell-Taylor is a member of national legal network “Solicitors for the Elderly”.
See lasting powers of attorney, administration of estates, preparing will and codicils

Mental capacity and Court of Protection

We bring our experience of traditional mental health law to this important and developing area of law.
See Court of Protection.

Mental health and deprivation of liberty

Photo of GraffittiWe have been representing clients at mental health tribunals since 1996 and have a LSC contract in mental health law for the London area (although we also have a limited number of clients outside London).

We have a much higher ratio of specialist practitioners in this area than most firms; currently five of our staff are members of the Law Society’s specialist mental health accreditation panel.
See mental health law.

Wills, probate and trusts

We offer very competitive fixed fees and hourly rates for drafting wills, trusts and powers of attorney and administering estates and are available to give advice on contentious probate matters.
See preparing wills and codicils, administration of estates.