Preparing wills and codicils

Picture of GraffittiA will is the best way of ensuring your property and possessions are passed on to your family and friends exactly as you wish.

A will means that if you’re unmarried you can properly provide for your partner, or if you’re divorced you can decide whether or not to leave anything to your former spouse. A will also means you can ensure you don’t pay more inheritance tax than necessary. Without a will, after your death your belongings may be distributed according to the law rather than how you intended.

We work with a consultant solicitor who has many years of experience in drafting wills.

Living wills

You may wish to make your wishes about medical treatment known in advance by drafting a ‘living will’. We can include general statements about your wishes and specific refusals of treatment (“advance decisions” or “advance directives”). For more details see the section on advance decisions.