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About Campbell-Taylor Solicitors

Rod Campbell-Taylor welcomes you and answers some questions about the firm’s approach


How long have you been around and who are your clients?


I have been helping people nearly 20 years; I have got a fantastic, committed team of lawyers that have a great track record;  in particular achieving results for clients who have physical or mental health problems or capacity issues. 


We like sticking up for “the underdog”, usually an individual (sometimes a small business).  It makes me very proud that we have helped over five and a half thousand very unique people.


What do you specialise in?



How much is it going to cost?


I can understand why people are nervous about the cost of legal advice.  When I have occasionally had to obtain legal advice myself I feel the same. You only have to look at most law firm websites to notice how few actually mention anything about their charges.


What is your approach to charging?


Where clients are not entitled to legal aid we offer fixed fee and “no win no fee” agreements.  Our fixed fees are based on a sliding scale of rates that range between £75 and £170 pounds an hour.  While trust cannot be established over night it is important that  private clients know where they stand.


Why is trust important?


Any relationship needs to be based on mutual trust.  In the unusual event a client is unhappy about something, particularly a bill, I will try and work it out but in the end, more often than not,  I will just say, you decide what you think you should pay.


Where are you located?


Our office is in the very vibrant Gillett Square in Dalston; I have been here for nearly 20 years, it’s a great place, quite unique, in the summer I can sit at my desk and hear this incredible mix of sound, skateboarders, the guys playing dominos, live jazz  and all the other “blab from the pave” to coin a phrase of Walt Whitman's.



How do I get in touch?


Give us a ring or send us an email and I or another member of the firm will be happy to talk to you on the phone.  We can also arrange a free 30-minute call.