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Faultless.  You acted with total professionalism at all times but also with warmth, empathy, understanding, non-judgmentalism and good humour.  Your preparation and presentation were spot on. At no time did you falter. (Mr AN)


I am very pleased with the service. Prompt response and efficient. Honesty, sincerity and knowledge of the issues involved in this matter. Everyone kind, a gentle approach and hardworking. (Mrs S)


She (Alice) worked very hard on my behalf. The case was awkward with many curved balls. She came at the problems from different angles. Her letters made them listen and I could not have made it through without her.


I have been in a Court of Protection battle for some freedom, rights and proper case for my father. The solicitors helping me  (Alice Livermore and Tom Lewenstein) all challenged the dreadful attitude of the local authority with much keenness and vigour. Plus, also looking at our case with a wide view, thinking “outside the box”. (Mr JJ)


The service is concise, appropriate and I appreciate the solicitor comes a long way and she is very particular about finding out the facts in my case.


Just to say I have been very happy with everything that Parisa has done. I found her absolutely caring, polite and professional. (MW)


Thank you very much for all your help leading to a successful outcome. (The G family)


Thank you. Down here in Crystal Palace things are moving in the right direction again. Good job so far (!) (Mr N)


Your service was prompt, efficient and friendly. I wish you were able to advise and act on other legal matters outside community care.


Excellent service apart from occasional delays in response to calls. Very well pleased. (Mr H).


AK and I will always be grateful to you and from the bottom of our hearts we say thank you!  (Ms A)


I would definitely recommend your services to others, without your services things would have definitely been very different, something I do not wish to think about.  It has been a long road but I am glad I have taken it. (Mrs P)