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Private Legal Work

Although we started out as a legal aid firm, we do an increasingly significant amount of non-legal aid and private work, mainly for individuals but also for businesses (in particular care service providers).


We offer


Free initial telephone consultation
One hour diagnostic (face to face or on Skype)  interviews from £100 plus VAT
Hourly rates from between £75 and £170 an hour plus VAT based on a sliding scale.


We believe that we are fairly unique insofar as we will try and price discriminate on the basis of our private client’s financial circumstances.


Sliding scale


While we don’t want to get bogged down in assessments we may ask you for evidence (i.e. recent bank statements).


We offer three hourly rate bands as follows

Don't qualify for legal aid but  household income less than 25K pa (and savings of less than 20K)  - £75 (subject to capacity)
Household income between 25K and 45K pa (and savings of less than 30K) - £85 - £100 ph
Household income over 45K  - £125 - £170  ph


We also offer fee caps (a cap on the total amount we will charge for a specific item of work) and staged payments (in other words paying a set amount each month).


We offer the following fixed fees


Lasting power of Attorney (Finance) - £400

Lasting Power of Attorney (Welfare) - £500

(Both Finance and Welfare LPAs - £750)

Deputyship Application - £1, 500

Advance Decision - £350


Please note all the above figures are plus VAT and in the case of LPAs and Deputyships an OPG fee.